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Success Stories


Scott Hunter was inspired to found VEDAVOO in 2009 by his frustrating experiences using outdoor gear. Scott taught himself to sew, and developed the first prototype of his concept for sportswear, and brought it in. It was all downhill from there.


RILOS AND MIMI started with one mom reselling products on eBay. When she got to know the market, she identified a niche and developed a her own branded product to fill it. After developing her prototype, we stayed on as the manufacturer


What started out as a magazine for canine agility training became a movement when Clean Run entered the eCommerce space and began selling the products their staff and their doggos know and love. When they were ready to develop their own line of products they came to us.

Our Process


At Cut & Sew Mfg., we want to service businesses who are ready to prototype their product. Once we determine if your product is a fit with our machines and needleworkers, our process becomes very hands-on, with consistent, friendly communication


Once we deliver a prototype, we will fine tune it until you are satisfied. Changes and adjustments are charged accordingly, and we welcome our clients to visit our facility in Holyoke, MA.


Production costs are estimated based on the first batch produced. Options like sewing on logos and adding fabric will affect cost per unit. We love to help with design, branding, and selecting materials.

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