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Do you need a quality manufacturer to stitch your sewn textile products? We want to work with you!


We are a B2B (business to business) contract sewing manufacturer company dedicated to working with you to provide for all steps in making your products come to life.

Find the help you need now.

We will sew the rest.

From start to finish, we can help materialize custom sewn products as you build your own product line. We are open to manufacturing ANY kind of sewn textile products, regardless of industry.

Our skilled seamstresses can tailor to your needs. From selecting fabrics and materials to creating blueprints for construction, all the way to execution and distribution, our consultants can help you make those crucial decisions to building a successful product every step of the way.

The possibilities are limitless.

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Visit our Product Examples page for more information on the technologies we use and for ideas of what we can make for you!

To see a gallery representing a small portion of our samples selection, please refer to our Materials page .

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Spools and Thread for Contract Sewing Projects

We offer free consultations and quotes by email or phone.

What can we make for you?scissors

Garments, belts, harnesses, purses, bags, camping equipment such as tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, canvas bags, tarps, uniforms, ace bandages, headbands, gloves, athletic gear, and more.

YOU name it.


We have synthetic and organic fibers in a multitude of textures, styles and colors. We also have buckles, straps, leather and more. We are suited to meet your needs!

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